"Voluntary Services Surrey Heath has completely revamped its website using the services and expertise of Scott Nettleton. From our perspective it has done away with the mystique surrounding websites and enables us to update it immediately ourselves. For both voluntary organisations and potential volunteers it means that they can complete an application form online and return it to us electronically."

Christine Furneaux

I aim to keep this as simple as possible and minimise the impact on your time. The process is split into four phases:

1. Web Site Design

The first task is to get an understanding of your business and your customers. This is easily achieved through a few email exchanges, a chat on the phone or a meeting. Once I understand what it is you are trying to achieve I come up with a design that matches your business objectives.

2. Web Site Build

The most important aspect of this is getting the content right. This means having clear content that is well structured and placed in the most appropriate section of the web site. This is done by reviewing your existing marketing material and helping you fill in the gaps with suggestions for additional content.

3. Web Site Registration

If you don’t already have a web site name registered, I do this on your behalf.

4. Web Site Hosting

During the testing phase I host your web site at a temporary web address for your review. When we have finalised the web site I move this to a live hosting platform. I also register your web site with the major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo to increase your chances of getting found.

And that’s it - in four easy steps your business has a professional web presence.