Customer: The Mango Tree

Business: Indian Fine Dining restaurant

The Mango Tree restaurant needed a website to reflect their stylish approach to Indian Fine Dining. Site By Scott worked with them to understand their business and come up with a graphic design that reflected their image. In addition Site By Scott worked with several review sites to extend the reach of the web site.



The Mango Tree

Customer: Canned-Ham.com

Business: Can-Am Motorcycles

Chris is a Canadian with a sense of humour and a passion for all things Can-Am. In the process of restoring his bikes he had collected a huge wealth of information ranging from pictures, brochures and information directly from the factory. He wanted to share this with other enthusiasts but had no idea how to go about this. SiteByScott helped Chris to structure the information and present it in a way that would help others easily find what they were looking for.


HTML and CSS with an XML based database. Use of AJAX to present the portfolio of bikes and enthusiasts


Customer: Anglo Swimming Ponds

Business: Creators of natural swimming ponds

Like many companies Anglo Swimming Ponds created a web site over 10 years ago. In the original design they had no easy way to update their portfolio and the site had become out of date . The primary objective of the web site is to showcase their work and allow them to easily update and highlight their latest projects. It is also critical for them to be high in search engine rankings and simplify the process for potential customers to contact them.


HTML and CSS with an XML based database. Use of AJAX to present the portfolio of projects

Anglo Swimming Ponds

Customer: Tim O’Brien ACA Chartered Accountant

Business: Chartered Accountant

Tim needed a web site that reflected a professional image and provided customers with a clear view of the services he offers. SiteByScott worked on information from an old web site along with personal interviews to produce the web site and to develop the content.



Tim O’Brien ACA Chartered Accountant

Customer: Voluntary Services Surrey Heath

Business: Volunteer centre

VSSH run a fantastic service in the voluntary sector. Their key requirement was to be able to keep their volunteer base up to date with news. They also wanted to share podcasts and provide a secure area to share information with their trustees. As a not-for-profit organisation the budget was very tight. SiteByScott developed a simple cost effective CMS solution based on a blog style application that fulfilled these requirements.


Built on BlogEngine.net anASP.NET application. It can use either a SQL or XML database. The code is written using C#.

Voluntary Services Surrey Heath

Customer: Pro-X Limited

Business: Professional exhibition stand builders

Pro-X needed a simple site to showcase some of the projects they had completed and to explain in simple terms what they do. Pro-X differentiate themselves from their competitors by their professional no-nonsense approach and the aim of the web site was to reflect this.



Pro-X Limited

Customer: Anglo Aquarium Plant Co

Business: The largest grower of cold water plants in the UK

Anglo Aquarium Plant Co needed a website makeover. Their business had changed over the years and as they had become more successful they wanted to update their site to reflect this. It was also important that they could update their products and plant availability list on a daily bases if needed due to the growing conditions.


HTML, CSS, Flash

Anglo Aquarium Plant Co