"Our web site was very out of date and the content was poorly structured. Site By Scott helped us redesign the web site and create a portfolio to showcase our projects. The restructuring of the content and the portfolio has improved our Google rankings, that is critical for our business."

"Since the website was updated people now spend an average of 20% longer on the site and the bounce rate has gone down by a massive 33%. This shows people stop & look so something got their attention!"

Caroline Everett
Anglo Swimming Ponds

I come across many small businesses, specifically sole traders who don’t have the time or know how to get their business on the internet. My customers are also concerned about the cost versus the value. I could ramble on for hours about this, but this is about keeping it simple.

Your website should deliver two key objectives:

  • Let potential customers find you on the internet
  • Provide a showcase for your company

Considering the value of your website:

  1. Who would you contact first: or
  2. Why disadvantage yourself from your competitors who have their own web site.


No two companies are identical and I don’t just rollout templates, I treat each customer on an individual bases so I don’t have a fixed cost schedule. But of course you need some indication.

For a small business or a sole trader, typical costs to develop your website and get it up and running would be between £300 & £500. Costs to host the web site and make updates, less than £15 a month.

For a medium size business that may require a more complex web site, the cost would be indicative of the requirements. In all cases costs are agreed beforehand.